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System Design

Audio Workshop offers a comprehensive sound system design and installation service anywhere in New Zealand.

The first and most important step is the consultation. It's critical to understand your needs and the functions the system needs to provide. From there the design process starts.

Gone are the days of walking in to a space and taking your best guess. Combining our experience and expertise with industry standard tools and Software, we provide a comprehensive proposal.

EASE is an internationally used tool in the audio and acoustic industry. This software enables us to build a 3D model of your venue to determine how a given sound system will behave. We are able to add wall, ceiling and floor surfaces and input the acoustic measurements of the space i.e the reverberation time or RT60.

Once this stage is complete we are able to put any make and model speaker in any part of the space inside the room.  We can then predict the performance of that speaker over the set audience area.  Whether that’s the total sound pressure level (SPL) and or the coverage the speaker will provide. This ensures the sound system will perform to the required level and has even coverage across the total listening area.

Speech reproduction is an important factor to consider in the design process. By picking the right type of speaker and ensuring great coverage, we can maximize speech intelligibility.




A great design ensures that the whole audience is hearing the same quality sound reproduction, wherever they are in the room

EASE Example


Sound System Installation

Audio workshop offers a full range of sound system installations to compliment our design service. No matter your job size,  Audio Workshop prides itself on delivering a high level of service, attention to detail,  and delivering quality workmanship for your install.

Audio Workshop will commission and tune your sound system, so it delivers the best results in your environment.

We can also provide full hand-over training to ensure you too can get the best out of your system and understand its functionality.

Contact us below with your project details and Audio Workshop can put a design / install proposal together for you!