McDonalds Courtenay Place

McDonalds Courtenay Place

Audio Workshop was commissioned to design, supply and install a sound system for the new McDonald’s Courtenay Place, Wellington.

McDonalds Courtenay Place had the opportunity to move from within Courtenay Central to a new site with street frontage on Courtenay Place. This allowed the owner to start from scratch and create a new industrial look for the restaurant while also considering the atmosphere within the different zones in the restaurant.

Audio Workshop was commissioned to design, supply and install a sound system that would provide good quality sound at varying volume levels, throughout four separate zones within the restaurant.

A key requirement of the design was that the sound system equipment needed to be discreet in the dinning room.  The presence of murals, tiling and an exterior glass wall added to the design challenge.  We chose the JBL Control25-1 speakers as they could be installed above general sight lines while providing the sound quality and coverage required.

The specific design for McDonalds Courtenay included:
4 Zones:
  • Main dinning area
  • Counter, Entrance and McCafe
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen

The following products were used in the design:

  • The new JBL Control25-1 Speakers in the Dinning, Counter and McCafe zones
  • JBL 8128 in-ceiling speakers in the toilets and kitchen
  • DBX zonepro 1261
  • Crown CDI amplifiers used at the back end.

The JBL Control25-1 speakers were installed above the murals and general sight lines and provide the coverage and sound quality required.

The DBX zonepro 1261, a digital signal processor, manages the varying volume levels required throughout the four zones. It also provides EQ for each zone and overall system protection.


The grade of sound system and the design features specified by Audio Workshop have been replicated in McDonald’s restaurants at Basin Reserve and Manners Mall.This project was completed in conjunction with AMS music services who provided the music!