Little Theatre

Little Theatre Lower Hutt

Audio Workshop was commissioned to design and install a new sound system at Little Theatre, Lower Hutt.

Little Theatre is one of the venues run by the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt.  It is a mid size, inexpensive theatre venue for hire and is used by a range of community groups such as dance schools, theatre companies and local cultural societies.  In the past clients who booked the Theatre brought in their own sound systems.  Based on client feedback the Theatre decided they needed an in-house sound system so they could offer their clients an in-house solution.

Audio Workshop was commissioned to design and install a new sound system at the Theatre.   The sound system needed to have the capacity to be able to cater for the variety of events held in the theatre and deliver good quality sound for speech, musical theatre, dance recitals, rock bands or large productions.  Back of house sound, fold back and paging were also required.  The variety of events meant the sound system needed to be easy to use but also have the capacity to be extended for more complex events and advanced users.  For this reason Audio Workshop designed a sound system with the ability to function in two modes based around the BSS Blu 100 digital signal processor with BSS Contrio Wall Plate Controllers.

The specific design for Little Theatre included:

BSS Blu 100 Digital Signal Processor
BSS Contrio Wall Plate Controllers
Shure BLXR Wireless system x 2 with remote antenna
Shure MX418 Lectern Microphone

Soundcraft SI Impact Digital Consul
Soundcraft MSB32 Digital Stage box

JBL AC599 speakers (left, centre, right design) flown from the ceiling.
AC118 Subwoofers (recessed into the stage).
Crown CDI Install Amplifiers
JBL LSR305 studio monitors (in the control room)
JBL EON 612 powered speakers for foldback
JBL Control 23-1 install speakers for the Tannoy System in the dressing rooms
AKG paging microphone
Eartec wireless comms.

Flown speakers

Flown speakers
Recessed Subwoofers
View from Front of House








The Front of House design incorporated a left, centre, right speaker design with subs.  Audio Workshop chose JBL AC599 speakers for the left, centre, right speakers combined with the AC118 Subwoofers.  The Speakers are flown from the ceiling with the subwoofers recessed into the stage.

The sound system design was based around the BSS Blu 100 digital signal processor with BSS Contrio Wall Plate Controllers which gave the system the ability to function in two modes.

Mode 1: Basic Mode.
This mode allows the client to use 2 installed Shure BLXR wireless systems, a Shure MX418 Lectern microphone (on a lectern) and a dual RCA input simply controlled by one of the BSS Contrio wall panels.   In Basic Mode, programmed material will be played through the left and right speakers with the microphone options dedicated to the centre speaker only.  This mode takes out a number of decisions for the client using the sound system and is suitable for a number of the theatre’s uses.

Mode 2: Mixer Mode.
This mode is switched to the Soundcraft SI Impact Digital Console which is connected to the processor via Blulink.  The channels for the Shure BLXR and MX418 are able to be patched to the console in conjunction with the Sound Craft MSB32 digital stage box.  This allows for an additional 32 inputs and 12 outputs (including AES).  In Mixer Mode the operator can choose whether the sound is mixed through left and right speakers or left, centre and right, depending on preference.  This mode caters for the more complex events or for those users who have advanced knowledge and want more control over their sound mix.

Audio Workshop chose the new Crown CDI Install Amplifiers to power the system.  The BSS Blu 100 also caters for systems, tuning, time alignment and system limiting.

In addition to the main Front of House system, we included JBL LSR305 studio monitors in the Control Room, JBL EON612 powered speakers for fold back and JBL Control 23-1 install speakers for the Tannoy System in the dressing rooms.  AKG paging microphones and Eartec wireless comms for stage crew complete the sound system.

The sound system in Little Theatre has been used by a number of different clients since its installation.  It has proved to fulfill its purpose as an easy to use system that caters to a wide range of events.  Little Theatre hosted a number of dance school recitals at the end of 2017.  Dance teachers were able to plug their Laptops, iPads or CD players into the sound system and the system took care of the rest.

Audio Workshop has since been contracted to provide in-house Technical Management for Little Theatre following on from the design and installation of the in-house sound system.  Audio Workshop has also expanded to offer a hire service to provide additional sound or technical equipment not already available in the Theatre.  Read more about these services here.