St Marys Of the Angels

St Mary’s of the Angels



Audio Workshop was commissioned to install the new AV system designed and provided by Magness Sound in Auckland. Magness Sound wanted to partner with a local Audio company to insure the job was installed to their high standard.



One of the most important design considerations was speech intelligibility in a very large, acoustically challenging space.

For this reason the Bose MA12EX speakers were chosen.


Bose MA12EX

The MA12EX is designed with 12x 2.25″ full range drivers. As a single element to delivers a 160 degree horizontal x 20 degree vertical coverage pattern. With a frequency response down to 58Hz.

The MA12EX are also designed to be stacked to leghten the line of the array which increase the “throw” of the speaker element and it also offers great vertical pattern control reducing floor and ceiling reflections and in this case not over exciting the room acoustics.

The specific design for St Mary’s includes:

Bose MA12EX x2 left and right at the front of the chapel alter steps.
Bose MA12EX singles left and right as delay fill to increase coverage over the back pews.
Bose DS40SE speakers for the Choir Loft
Bose DS15SE Speakers for the Alter Foldback
Bose ESP1240 DSP Processor
Bose PM8250N Multi channel Amplifier
Bose CC64 Wall plate Controller.

Video System

NEC Projector
Kramer HDbasedT Switching/Distribution System.

Ampetronic Hearing assistants system – under floor induction loop

Due to this job being part of a huge earth quake re strengthening project we were are to offer a completely new design,  new cable, new speaker positions and hardware.


This was a great project to be involved in. A historic wellington building given a new life. A great sounding sound system and a very happy client!