Mic Level vs Line Level

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I have snaffled this content from Shure as its a topic of confusion… check it out! (thanks Shure) Are you confused by line level versus mic level? Well, you’re not alone. We’re often asked to explain the difference. Simply stated, these both refer to the voltage level of an audio signal. Wired and wireless microphones […]

How to Choose the Right Microphone

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Questions to ask yourself….. 1.) Application: What do you want to pick up?   The first question in choosing a suitable microphone is the application. Are you speaking, singing or playing an instrument?   2.) Dynamic or Condenser?   Dynamic microphones are generally preferred for live voices, amplified guitars or drums. Dynamic microphones are generally more rugged and […]

Shure SM58 vs Shure Beta58a

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Shure SM58 Vs Shure Beta58 With many of my early years spent in music retail and later representing Shure in New Zealand, one regular question was “what’s the difference between the industry standard Shure SM58 and its bigger brother the Shure Beta58“. So here’s the answers: 1. Other than the blue ring around the ball grill, the Beta58 has an extra layer […]

Don’t miss our next event

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